Our Platform

Helping Create Memories and Unforgettable Experiences!

We are a team of travel enthusiasts and seasoned IT personnel from North America and Europe, committed to building the world's largest online directory of visitor information for local communities.

Our mission is to be the ultimate online guide for visitors, providing them with links to information and resources they need to plan their trips, discover new places, and make the most of their time.

We initially designed VisitorCenters.info as a free online directory of the world’s visitor centers.  That’s still our core feature.


Our team reviewed the Beta Version of our platform and decided that the fabric of a community is more than just Visitor or Information Centers.  So we turned our developers loose and voila..

An Online Visitor Information platform on Steroids.

Our platform now includes:

  1. ·        A complimentary listing of the world’s Visitor and Information Centers.
  2. ·        A complimentary listing of the world’s Museums.
  3. ·        A complimentary listing of the world’s National Parks.
  4. ·        A complimentary listing of the world’s Chambers of Commerce.
  5. ·        A complimentary listing of the world’s Service Clubs.
  6. ·        A platform where travel and local authors can showcase their travel related articles.
  7. ·        A platform where local business can post their brochures of services that visitors are looking for.
  8. ·        Events in the community.

And more apps are in the minds of our developers, with suggestions being accepted from the public.